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Senior Developer(s)/Architect(s)

Contract, Full-time, Part-Time
Posted 2 years ago

We’re looking for Senior Developers/Architects – either two part-time or one full-time. Initially on a 6-month contract with the very likely option of long-term employment.


  • We aim to hire the 1 or 2 people with a start-date between 1 Mar and 1 Apr 2022.
  • This/these initial hire(s) will be the foundation on which the team is built in Q4 2022.
  • We expect the team to be 6 people (maybe more) by end 2022.


Kavedon Kapital is a Venture Capital firm with a difference. We are built on circular economic principles, and are focussed on founders (people).  We will be building a platform upon which the business will be built.  It will incorporate things such as:

  • a community where Founders connect, collaborate and receive help, advice and practical assistance; from our “business in a box” to being able to test their ideas with real-world feedback
  • the means to submit their project for possible investment
  • management of the investment decisions
  • measurement of various KPIs, including financial-, sales- and mental-health
  • real-time reporting to various entities, like investors, fund managers and founders

Platform Considerations

  • This will run in the cloud, it must be secure, you will help decide the stack, perhaps 2 or 3 tiers.
  • How will the user/role management and security frameworks be implemented?
  • What technologies will be used to make the front-end responsive, but easy to enhance.
  • Will there be a mobile-app version, and what functionality will be enabled?
  • There will be strong compliance requirements, eg AIFMD / MiFID / EuVECA.
  • Much of the data will be financial in nature, and data should be able to be reflected in a timeline, i.e. data must not ‘overwrite’ but ‘version’.
  • We will need integrations to many things, these should be easy to add and maintain.
  • Eventually we will run in a ‘continuous’ update mode, what does this means for the stack?
  • We will provide a business-in-a-box, including legal/HR/accounting and many other services via integration / partnerships.
  • Eventually we’ll build a Bayesian Risk Engine (but we can only tell you about that after we’ve hired you).

How to apply

Please submit your CV with a small Diagram/Paragraph outlining your solution based on background and considerations above. We will then choose 12 people, each of whom will be paid £250 to submit a more detailed solution. If you are not chosen, you can still submit your detailed solution, but won’t get paid, but you could still be offered a role.

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