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Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds


Founder & CEO

Markus Milsted

My role at Kavedon Kapital is to own the Vision & Mission we are on, collaborating with the teams that make up Kavedon Kapital to progressively deliver our strategic direction.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve developed a mixed-skills experience, from a technical capability to a sophisticated financial knowledge base which has always tended to Centre around the Startup Space.

My world view is quite a simple one. I put the essential need for changes at the heart of everything I engage, and always have a Founder Focus when working with Startups.

Previously, I have been a Founder and worked with Founding teams, and you can honestly believe me when I say I have the battle scars and stories that come with such experiences.

Professionally, I enjoy solving problems for a greater benefit and impact beyond that of simply a monetary outcome (although that is important). For me, I believe there is natural cohesion between measurable monetary outcomes and sustained beneficial change, and when looking at anything that is the key element I search for.

In my private downtime I enjoy reading about a wide variety of topics and ticking items on my “to do list”. The next big one is to get a private pilot license when time allows such a commitment.

Chief Operating Officer

Edward Platt

I have enjoyed 30 years investment experience across a number of asset classes, coupled with founding, advising and building businesses. In my earlier career, I worked with a number of global financial entities, before leading and managing investment and trading operations, with a bias towards fixed income and in particular the trading and managing of derivative products.

More recently over the last 12 years, I have been involved in investing in and building businesses, as well working with and discovering founders and entrepreneurs across Europe. A strategic networker, I have assisted in raising funds and advising companies. During this time I have been engaged as CIO with a European Family Office and the creation of an Austria Venture Fund vehicle and Accelerator, for a Corporate entity.

Chief Technical Officer

Grant Wyatt

Over a 25+ year career in corporate finance and principal investment, I have developed a full suite of skills from identifying, originating, structuring, negotiating, and completing complex M&A and disposals, leading restructurings and financings across global markets as well as supporting businesses develop sustainable growth strategies.

The main industry sectors where I have developed my expertise include industrials, FMCG, renewables and transport.

I am passionate about the development of new technologies which make things better and which improve efficiency and sustainability.

I am a believer in the power of the circular economy.

Chief Commercial Officer

Nigel Bidmead

Nigel is a highly capable commercial strategy owner within the TMT (Technology, Media & Telecom) markets.

He brings to Kavedon extensive experience within the Payment Industry, engaging at executive level with blue-chip companies such as ACI Worldwide, Verifone and Fiserv (previously First Data).

A strong leader, Nigel has grown young companies into global brands consecutively. Two perfect examples of his calibre are ACI Worldwide and then Verifone, he was instrumental in creating commercial value running entire the EMEA region and leading two successful IPOs on NYSE being responsible for on average 40% of global revenues at the time of both IPOs.

Nigel success drew him towards FinTech’s, helping build their growth strategies toward disrupting legacy platforms. Under his direct lead, he has been responsible for 13 M&As, as a part of building value within organisations that he is represented over his career.

More recently, he held the role of CCO at AEVI International a global market leader in cloud based technology solutions for merchants where he provided leadership in expanding existing and emerging payment software, hardware, and services for Europe and The Americas.

Nigel continues to focus on the growth and enablement of innovation in the Cloud & Mobile first approach, and enablement of digital commerce: actively engaging with Fintech Start-ups with digital solutions to make a better, fairer world.

He is responsible for the delivery of the commercial potential inside of Kavedon Kapital via the Revveon platform, delivering on the strategy as laid out in the vision and mission.


Correy Voo

Correy Voo

Correy has spent the past 30 plus years growing up in the global technology industry where he has had the privilege of being involved in many exciting and ground-breaking innovations and initiatives, and trends, with roles spanning architecture, engineering, operations, business, commercials, consulting, advisory and investing.

Correy will happily admit to being a technology geek and has always enjoyed learning about new solutions and relished opportunities to meet and learn from smart people. He believes that technology can change the world and has always strived to leverage advancements for the benefits of the widest possible audience in any given situation - He believes in the inventiveness and ingenuity of human beings to solve problems.

He considers himself lucky in that he has been able to work in a wide variety of industries, situations and roles with each combination continuing to teach him new things while at the same time allowing him to apply and develop his skills and experience. This diversity of opportunities has gained him a very broad appreciation of all sides and all factors in designing, building, running, and scaling technology operations and businesses.

Every time someone does something new the world moves forward, and he loves being part of the process of being a Founder and helping other Founders shape their businesses for success. Correy has a genuine interest in all forms of technology but has a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Autonomy, Sustainability & Green Solutions, Smart Infrastructure & IOT, Data & Intelligence, Distributed Systems & Services, Smart Materials, Bionic Enhancement, and Modern Transportation.


Leslie Maliepaard

Leslie has a 20 year background of building and leading tech, financial and SaaS Start Ups in Europe and Africa.

Her professional passion projects include Circular Economy, Clean Water, Sustainability and Deep tech. Leslie is a multiple Founder and board advisor in Quantum Encryption, SaaS sectors as well as the WBAF Global Women Leaders Committee.

A co-Founder of Fortrino Ltd, an Irish VC focusing on Cyber Security, Data ownership, Social and Impact sectors in Europe, Leslie also co-founded The Planet Calls, an Irish Foundation, to progress the ‘sustainable future’ movement within the commercial world.

Jeremy Roberts - Kavedon Kapital

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy has over 25 years corporate finance, principal investing and PE experience built up in originating, negotiating and executing M&A, restructurings and capital raising transactions primarily in the industrials, transport, leisure, technology and energy sectors globally.

Initially with ABN AMRO, then Credit Suisse, he advised global brands, before joining Lansdowne Capital as a Director.

In 2013, Jeremy founded his own financial advisory / consultancy advising earlier stage companies, corporates, PE, VC and Family Offices on M&A, capital raisings and listings as well as operational improvement and on finding sustainable solutions.

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes

Over the past 20+ years, Steve has built up a wealth of international experience within early-stage company development, holding senior positions in venture capital, start-up companies and universities.

He has led investment and portfolio management activity in boutique venture capital companies and served as a board director for many companies in the UK, EU and Asia.

He has worked directly in several early-stage start-ups focusing on commercial strategy, business development, investment readiness and the development of strategic commercial relationships and networks.

Steve is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) for services to knowledge transfer. He retains deep links within Higher Education, supporting entrepreneurs, incubation centres and early-stage investment.


Patrizia Luchetta

Patrizia has enjoyed an international career across a number of industries and economic sectors within both the private and public sector for over 20 years.

After having had the privilege to develop and implement Luxembourg’s national strategy in the field of biomedical life sciences, she has held several non-executive board positions in commercial companies, public institutions, as well as non-profit organizations. Patrizia then decided to take her expertise and venture back into the private sector to help advise and support Start-up companies seeking to refine their strategic goals, especially regarding market positioning and communication; and at the same time to pursue her passion for the arts and create bridges between the entrepreneurial and the creative hemispheres.

Currently, Patrizia still sits on several boards and advisory committees, with a particular focus on ESG related topics. In 2020, Patrizia founded Charlotte in Red, a non-profit platform which documents female artists, who use their creative work to raise awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Andrew Hughes
Head of Founder Relations

Andrew Hughes

An extremely respected CEO entrepreneur, Andrew is highly experienced in establishing and advising multiple high-performing digital Start-ups from concept to funding to exit, leveraging proven success for the investment and founder communities.

A ‘venture scaler’ with the proven ability to manage complex issues, challenge assumptions and critically impact decision making, whilst delivering strategic direction, growth, culture and revenues. Coupled with this, Andrew has over twenty years of leadership experience, advising over 100 start-ups.

A multiple Founder to exit, Andrew most recently was co-founding CEO of a digital games studio for seven years, acquired by Europe’s largest gaming tech enterprise Novomatic after only four years of stellar growth. Achieving the highest-grossing globally distributed asset on the world’s largest gaming platform Google Play.

Andrew, an investor and proven fundraiser, also acts as advisor and mentor to entrepreneurs, boards and accelerator programs in London and Madrid where he is also adjunct professor at the IE MBA University. He has co-founded two internationally recognised industry associations becoming industry spokesperson.

Andrew brings an enormous pedigree and talent to Kavedon garnered through proven experience across many sectors that will support our Founders of tomorrow through their journeys.

Associate Partner

Iva Rakocevic

Iva is passionate about sourcing and understanding Founders and early stage companies. Previously at C-Quadrat Investment Group, PWC, Raiffeissen Bank and the United Nations, Iva focused on deal origination, evaluation and analysis, portfolio management and led transaction solutions.

Independently, over the last 3 years, Iva has built an extensive global network, sourcing and supporting quality companies, at the same time acting as advisor to a number of Global Investors. Based in Vienna, Iva has focus on Western Europe and the CEE.

Portfolio Manager

Jasper Ettema

As a multi-entrepreneur in mobile technology and medical devices, Jasper has over 20 years experience.

He has immersed himself in supporting young tech companies across Europe. Designing and operating accelerator programs and VC solutions, he recently led the accelerator at 360 Lab in Graz.

Jasper combines his interdisciplinary thinking, efficient approach and vast network, to focus on bringing his knowledge to growing companies. Jasper regularly writes, speaks and presents to Start Up companies and Investors across Europe.


Ieva Katiliute

Ieva has over 5 years international experience in Asset Management and Venture Capital.

Initially, as part of the founding team in a start-up in Hong Kong, Ieva was responsible for product management, fund raising and IP. During the last 4 years, Ieva has worked as an Investor Relations and Investment Operations Associate at an Asset Management firm in London and at Truesight Ventures, as an analyst focused on different pre-seed and seed stage companies, carrying out product and market analysis.

Croydon Fernandes - Kavedon Kapital

Croydon Fernandes

Croydon brings many talents, a Founder, a Scientist and Marketing and Sales expert.

Graduating with a Masters in biomedical science research, he moved to the UAE spending over 5 years with the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, leading sales and marketing. At the same time he co-founded Last Minute Productions, a digital media production company.

Croydon’s strong background in scientific research has provided him with the ability to view scenarios with a very commercial, yet scientifically driven pair of eyes.

Business Development

Business Development Manager

Robin Thelander

I have enjoyed 15+ years of experience in the financial sector, having worked with leading institutions like Blackstone and BlackRock. My expertise spans across asset classes, providing me with a deep understanding of the industry.

I'm particularly passionate about alternatives and have led strategic efforts to expand business in different regions, enter new markets, and create innovative financial solutions.

Recently, I've transitioned into an advisory role, guiding early-stage companies and emerging asset managers in various sectors and asset classes in making strategic decisions, and successfully raising funds.

My motivation lies in seeing exceptional companies, led by talented individuals, grow and thrive. I look forward to continuing to contribute to shaping the future of finance and supporting founders.


Head of Data Science

Tania Benade-Meyer

With a strong foundation in actuarial sciences, I bring a unique flair for unstructured data analytics, predictive analytics, and commercial strategy to Kavedon Kapital. I've honed my skills across a diverse range of industries, including finance, media, cyber security, transport, utilities, and insurance.

My signature strength lies in connecting disparate data points, such as human behaviour and business outcomes, to craft actionable, profitable strategies. Additionally, I have an innate ability to uncover hidden insights that others might overlook, transforming them into strategic assets. This key skill is further bolstered by a deep proficiency in various data platforms, where I specialise in automating and aggregating data to centralise decision-making. Whether I'm helping SMEs to scale or unlocking hidden opportunities in larger organisations, the goal is always to provide meaningful and impactful insights.

In line with my team, I champion sustainable, tech-driven growth. When I’m not immersed in data or strategising for intelligent scalability, you'll find me engrossed in functional training or adding to my art collection.


Head of Marketing

Rikard Svendsen

Rikard Svendsen has over 20 years experience helping businesses build brands and win hearts and minds.

A strategic and creative thinker, Rikard has a proven track record of generating outstanding commercial returns for diverse clients such as Mercedes-Benz, SKY, MTV, ITV, Unilever, RAC, PruHealth, MOBO and 3M.

Rikard’s wealth of experience spans omnichannel customer insight, brand and digital strategy, creative direction, customer experience design and digital marketing.

A highly confident facilitator and leader with a real ‘make-it-happen’ attitude, Rikard inspires, challenges and guides cross-functional teams so they rationally and emotionally connect customers with brands.

He is a big advocate of using cognitive psychology and qualitative research to develop marketing strategies that build strong and effective brands. Utilising deep customer insight and market research to win both hearts and minds.