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Venture Capital meets Circular Economics

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About us

We here at Kavedon Kapital are interested in Circular Economics as a design principle, and we agree with the trend that the need for change will drive a fundamental change in society. This pivot is being driven by multiple factors. The overarching theme is underpinned by consumerism-culture. Consumers are now conscious and aware of what is happening to the world.

When this change occurs, one of humanity’s greatest creations is going to also need to fundamentally adapt; finances and open economy.

Team of gifted individuals

We are a team of unique individuals that have come together to form Kavedon Kapital. For all of us, there is one common goal, to create a Venture Capital firm whose entire ethos and philosophy is designed around Circular Economics.

Our backgrounds and skills are varied and diverse, but we are united in a common belief that binds us. Through Circular Economics, we believe we can take a relationship whether with Investors or Founders and uniting everyone’s interests, align for long-term prosperity.

Over the last few years, following deep research and discussions with Investors, speaking at large with Founders and Start-Ups, reviewing and understanding all the feedback, we now feel justified in saying that we have total conviction. 

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